Monday Blues

MONDAY BLUES - the most familiar word and the most experienced feeling to all the office goers are the Monday blues. But worry no more as Heartify Moments brings to you the most innovative and exciting ideas to beat these blues.

HASYA YOGA: Yoga aims at relaxing the stress points of the body and improving blood circulation. If a routine yoga can be of this advantage then just think about the wonders it can do when clubbed with a laughter regime. Heartify Moments brings the two most tried and tested tools of relieving stress v.i.z. Laughter + yoga which has been re-finely coined as 'hasya Yoga' working on the lines of 'Laughter is the best medicine for health ', it creates the perfect setting for the people to let go of all the tensions and step out as a chirpy happy bird.

IN HOUSE SPA: Coming to office after a long good weekend to the same long day at work. Doesn't sound fun at all. But wait a minute, what if this long day at work could be made the most relaxing time at the work place itself? Confused? Well, we bring to you in house spa services to let you have the continuing weekend feeling in your head. What could be more motivating than a rejuvenating session on a weekday with the boss's nod and with them having to pay all the expenses. Yeah that sure does sound fun isn't it!

HOBBY TIME: When was the last time you invested time in your fave hobby? Can't recall? Too caught up in being a grown up and dealing with the everyday responsibilities? But it's never a bad idea to steal some little time once in a while to live your old carefree self again and indulge in your fave hobbies. We give you the perfect set up and the perfect time to experience all this during your work hours. Come and feel a few years younger again!

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