Team Fun Activities

Team building is a continuous process that helps individuals to evolve into a cohesive unit/group over time. At heartify moments, we don't just do team building, we do a team building with a pinch of fun in it. We have tonnes of ideas to innovate each team outing into fun and learning.

One Minute Fun Elements

Ice Breakers

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Competitive Games

Team Enablers

Couple Competitions

Indoor activities

Outdoor Team Games

Adventure Competitive Fun

Theme Games

 .......... & lots of team fun activities......

 Few of the All Time Favorites and exclusively powered by "Heartify Moments"

Form the Number
People need to form groups totaling to numbers called out by the Emcee. This is completely refreshing and re-energizing to get the people 200% active mode.
Create a Shape
Innovative group shapes to be formed. Simple as it sounds but not as simple when played. Perfect for team bonding.
Let's Introduce
Innovative styles of how people can introduce themselves. We know you know and everyone knows. But we bring a flavor which "no one knows"
Great Marble Run
Team given marbles and long pipes which they have to join and pass on the marbles. Perfect for team alignment
Longest Human Chain
Team to form a longest chain by thinking out of the box and within the instructions provided. Creative and thinking out of the box is mandatory.
Sentence Relay
This would involving running, writing, thinking, using some words which will make it witty and exciting. We are not testing your English but we are testing your team coordination
Burn some calories with lot of shakes. How? Let us share that with you
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Celebration & Recognition

Rewards and Recognition is incomplete until its blended with entertainment, fun and games. Our uniquely designed concepts to celebrate rewards program be it dealer meet or recognizing the best performance individuals would bring together a moment to remember forever.

Corporate Events

To make the same event look different, you have to add innovation to it. We, at Heartify Moments, excel in bringing together an ambiance and concept to celebrate an event in the company - be it annual day, or an event for an account within the company or a festive celebration or a thank you note for few employees, we are there to help you in all..

Brand Promotion

A Big Bang Move is the key to instantly get recognized. Mark your presence by making an indelible impression. We have the team, ideas and logistics to help you promote your brand effectively through any channel. From Product launches, promotion, campaigning etc ..we help you all.

Conferences & Offsites

It's all about creating the right moment. Right from choice of venue to the decor to thoughtful finishing touches, Heartify Moments creates an ambience conducive to progressive thinking. We have a list of venues which are unexplored and with a polish of perfect ambiance, we make it happen for you.

Theme Dicor

We partner with your dreams to make it a reality. Each moment is crafted with creative thinking to bring together a theme which speaks itself from start to end.. Be it dicor,venue, food, activities, games, people - all the strings are tied together across the event as one THEME.

Client visits

What you show is what you get! That's where we step in to help you create a perfect environment and itinerary for your client visits.

Customized Gifts

A Gift with a personal touch! We have loads of customized gifts as per occasion, theme and mood. Be it a birthday celebration, an annual event, a client visit or just to say Thank You - we have different ideas to express that for you.

Public Events

We do have a public presence through exhibitions, festive functions, ticketed events etc.

Team Fun Activities

We don't just do team building we do Team Fun Activities. Heartify Moments comprises of people from the corporate and understand the real need of people. We acknowledge how important it is to unwind through team events and also take away the key points as a learning BUT through a fun element. Each of our programs/venue/itinerary is designed as per the objective and mood of the team outing/offsite.