Theme Decor

We partner with your dreams to make it a reality. Each moment is crafted with creative thinking to bring together a theme which speaks itself from start to end.. Be it decor, venue, food, activities, games, people - all the strings are tied together across the event as one THEME.

There are various themes like: Scary Theme, Royal Theme, Vegas Theme, Mango Madness

Want to have a great theme party? Heartify Moments  one stop solution for all party planning needs. Choose from a wide range of themes. Get customized service as per your needs and budget. Theme parties made all the more enjoyable! Heartify Moments is one of the leading theme party organizers in Gurgaon.

  • Scary Theme

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  • Royal Theme

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  • Summer Camp

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  • Mango Madness

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  • Festive Celebrations

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  • Back to School

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Scary Theme

As the name itself suggests, it aims at sending shivers down one's spine with all the spookiness around. Right from a haunted house to skeletons popping out from nowhere to a graveyard set up to an eerie concert, this theme sure has all the ingredients required to haunt your days and give you sleepless nights.

Royal Theme

Experience the Royal era in the 21st century that will transcend you to the bygone period. It is all colorful, vibrant and powerful. From huge entrances to lavish backdrops & decor to intricate pieces of art, this theme promises a sneak peak into the era of the royals. The chariot & the majestic palace set up are a visual treat to the eyes and also the magnetic force to the selfie fanatics.

Summer Camp

Come summers and along comes the season of mischief and playfulness for the kids in their summer breaks. To ease off the stress of the parents, Heartify Moments provides the optimal solution in a day boarding summer camp for their kids at their workplace. The best bet here is that this exercise being run in their own office, the parents are absolutely relieved off the tension about safety. As for the kids, activities like story telling, clay modeling, fashion shows, photo booths, etc. Keep them engaged all day long. All the activities are carried out by professional teachers and baby sitters to eliminate any possible wrongs. As they say 'a happy kid, a happier parent.'

Back to School

During the growing up days every kid wishes to be an adult as soon as possible. However, once an adult, they wish to reverse the phenomena and be a kid again. Well, Heartify Moments makes this wish sort of come true by recreating the nostalgia of the good old school days. Following the path of 'Don't ever let the kid in you die ' this concept makes sure to make it possible. From having a field day to playing the long forgotten games like racing, long jump, etc., it has it all to make it worthwhile. So let the guards be down for a day and let your carefree side overshadow the tired corporate self .

Mango Madness

The first thing that pops in one's head on hearing 'mango, is the word 'yummm'. Imagine an entire day where you get to play, eat, chill and be creative with the king of fruits. Excited already? Well that's the magic of mangoes which Heartify Moments aims to bring to life. Being at the receiving end of activities like mango eating and drinking, guessing the type of mango, being your creative best with a mango slice, etc keeps the mango madness alive and kicking.

Festive Celebrations

A festival is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. We at heartify ensure that you get into your festive mood and celebrate it to the fullest with the family at your work place.